Learn how to use Picasa, the award winning software from Google that will help you organise, edit and share your photos

How to Import your folders in Picasa

You want your images to be saved into the folder of your choice, but you don’t know how to locate that certain folder. Some programs can be really tedious when it comes to locating a specific folder for you to save your precious work into, but I have developed a tutorial that will assist you in this matter.

First things first, when you open up Picasa for the first time, you will have to wait for it to load. Once you’ve reached the screen with a blank gray background, you will have to go to the file button in the top left hand corner and click Add Folder. So in simple terms, go to File – Add Folder, it’s that easy. Once you have done so, another window will pop up, this will be known as the Folder Manager, and most programs have them when you are trying to either save or open a certain file or folder.

Wherever you have created your folder would determine where you would go in the Folder Manager, so you need to make sure before clicking through the hundreds or more that are on your computer. Towards the left part of the Folder Manager, you will see a lot of files and folders, all you need to do is click the + sign or – sign to move the files or folders to the next step, therefore you can search for your folder. The next step is very easy, and once you have checked off all of the folders that you want, you then will click the “Scan Once” button. This will add all of the images and files from the folders you have chosen, so remember to make sure where you have stored those folders before clicking the + or – sign.

Once Picasa has found all of the files from the folders it has scanned, you may choose which images you want deleted. Most programs do not have this feature, they make you go into the folder(s) yourself and delete them on your own, but you may click “Remove from Picasa” in the mid – right hand section of the Folder Manager, which will remove any files you have chosen in the left hand section of the Manager.

Now the last feature of this tutorial is something you may want to check out and perform every time you search for a folder. The “Scan Always” button is a feature that will tell Picasa to search for new files in the folders you tell Picasa to search for. This will make things a lot easier for you. Every time you decide to add new files, you can hit the Scan Always button and it will search in the desired folders.

Once you have done all of this, your images will then show up in the Picasa editor over the blank gray screen. Just click OK and you’re all set.