Learn how to use Picasa, the award winning software from Google that will help you organise, edit and share your photos

Cropping Your Images in Picasa

Leaving certain parts of an image out is very important if you are a professional editor, or just someone interested in making your images look clean. There are many other programs out there that will crop your images, but Picasa is free and does a pretty good job doing so. Start by either downloading the software free and\or opening the file itself.

Once you open the program, you will see all of the images you have imported from your folders. We went over that in the last tutorial, so we are now ahead of the game. You will then choose will image you want to have cropped from the database of images you have saved. You can hold down CTRL, if you want to crop more than one image at a time, but for starters, I would only choose one.

Once you have found the image you want to crop, double click it to open up a new screen. The window you will then see is called the “Basic Fixes” screen and this will be the most basic photo cropping scene you will probably ever encounter, but it’s very good. Towards the left side of the window, you will see all of the basic fixes that Picasa has to offer. Amongst the few are Crop, Straighten, Red Eye, etc. All of these will make your images look professionally better. Let’s start with the crop button.

After you have clicked the Crop button, yet a new screen pops up. This window that has popped up will have all of the options there are to crop the image you want cropped. You may choose between 4 x 6 dimensions, 8 x 10 dimensions, or any other one you’d like, but make sure you choose the one that suits your image correctly. If you decide that you don’t want any of the chosen dimensions, you may click the manual button, which will allow you to do it yourself.

We will go with the manual button, because you might want to crop certain aspects of the image, so this will make it a lot easier. Once you set the button to manual, you will activate a few more buttons that will make the cropping process even simpler. You may rotate the image if you’d like, but we won’t go into that right now. If you’d like to make changes, just place the mouse cursor over the image and take out any parts of the image you don’t want, that’s it. Once you have finished cropping the image, you may hit preview, which will show how it will look outside of the editor. If everything is in tip top shape, hit the Apply button and you will then have your cropped image.